Charlie, the King

Event type: Theatre, an interactive solo-show
Age: 9 -13
Level: Elementary / Pre-intermediate
Time: 40-45 minutes plus photo opportunity

Original script: Tonya Trappe, Théâtre Atelier Montreuil, France
Adapted by: Magdalena Fijałkowska, NaukaBezGranic
Director: Simeon Wren, graduate of Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Scotland
Tour manager: Kamila Szostak, NaukaBezGranic
Sir Barnaby Bigglehead: Simeon Wren
Voice of the Queen: Jean Morrison

Charles III is King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. He is open to the idea of meeting his subjects as well as people from all over the world. Anyone who wants to meet the King is welcome but it would be good to gain a better understanding of how to behave at Buckingham Palace. Sir Barnaby Bigglehead, the „Professor” has been appointed by the Royal Family to help visitors prepare. We don’t want to spoil it, at this stage – come and see how to act quintessentially British. All we can say is that you will be involved in rehearsals before attending the King’s Birthday Party.
Students and teachers will all receive the official Buckingham Palace invitation to the Fancy Dress Party as well as masks they will be able to practise with, and use later. And Queen Elizabeth II will give Sir Barnaby Bigglehead a fright…


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