Andy Harris and The Power of Drums

’The Power of Drums? is a Nottingham drumming circle facilitated by Andy Harris. Andy is an experienced teacher and community worker, who is able to get everyone feeling at ease and enjoying the process. … African djembe drums and a variety of percussion instruments are provided for the circle, or you can bring your own. Andy lives in Nottingham, with his family and regularly runs drumming circle sessions for schools and English students from all age groups. Now, he’s coming to Poland, for the first time.

English Drumming Circle

Event type: Workshop
Facilitator: Andy Harris
Minimum age:  any age group
Level: any level
Time: 60 min.
* On demand contents, level and timing can be tailored to groups? needs.

English Drumming Circle is a community event focused on making music together, as a group. No drumming skills required as Andy will explain the basics. He will also bring a number of African djembe drums and numerous percussion instruments, so that everyone is involved, and everyone gets to join in. There will be time to listen to Andy talking about the power of drums, and his drumming circle, and time to play and have fun, as well as ask questions and have a chat. The idea is to do something a bit different, in English, and help students forget they are learning, and realise they are actually communicating through English, and rythms.

Cave drumming comes to the Sal

Watch: Nottingham's hundreds of caves have been used as dungeons, air raid shelters and even bars. Now one is being used for drumming sessions. It's the latest venue for this pioneering local music group.

Opublikowany przez Notts TV Poniedziałek, 13 stycznia 2020

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