Nicholas Sims

Nicholas Sims, born 1970, grew up in South London and the South East of England. Studied for a degree in East London, lived in different parts of the East End, 1990-1997. Went to Russia in 1997 to teach English as a Foreign Language, met a Russian lady, got married. Became a history teacher in 2000 and taught history for one year before returning to Russia to study art. Started as a history teacher again in 2006 and has been a history teacher up to the present (although still teaches English sometimes). Lives now, in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with wife and son and step daughter

British History: Jack the Ripper

Event type: Interactive talk
Facilitator: Nicholas Sims
Minimum age: 13
Level: Pre-intermediate / Intermediate / Upper-intermediate
Time: 60 min.
* On demand contents, level and timing can be tailored to groups’ needs.

Jack the Ripper was the first serial killer in the world and he operated in London, England. He has never been identified. Over 100 people have been cited as ‘the Ripper’, but a lot of the evidence is not convincing. We are going to look at the victims of the Ripper – all girls from the Whitechapel area of East London, which, at the time was a very poor area of the city. We are going to examine the way in which they were murdered and we are going to look at four potential suspects from the time (there are others). The aim is that YOU decide who is most likely to have been the killer, or none of them. You make that decision based on the information given. 


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