Thomas Liggett

Thomas Liggett’s interests and skills centre around psychology and language. He lectured and researched in psychology and the development of language for 17 years. These days, he works as an English for Academic Purposes at Manchester University while following his other interests i.e. 

acting and performing on stage, and in street theatre. He tends to apply these skills to his teaching. His work teaching English is also informed by his love of languages, and curiosity about my audience’s psychological and linguistic backgrounds. Finally, he writes fiction, as well as material for his performances. He values creativity and humour.Accents: Queen?s English and the rest of the UK

Event type: Workshop
Facilitator: Thomas Liggett
Minimum age: 13+
Level: Pre-intermediate + / Intermediate / Upper-intermediate / Advanced
Time: 80 min. (33 zł)
* On demand contents, level and timing can be tailored to groups? needs.

Accents: Queen?s English and the rest of the UK

What is Queen?s English? What is Received Pronunciation? In a session full of discussion, examples, drilling, and fun, Thomas will help us answer those questions and understand the diversity of accents across England and within the UK. This will be a very practical session, in which you get to speak with the RP accent like the royal family, but also like a Northerner, a Glaswegian, a Mancunian, or a Geordie. Other cultures within the UK may also be included. Finally, we will learn about accents, class, and education. Last but not least, whichever accent it is, we will look at what makes you sound natural in English. This workshop will help you answer two crucial questions. Who do we want to sound like? Who do you not want to sound like? 

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