Kurt Nagata

How to Speak Like a Native, or Spy-level English

Kurt Nagata-Wozniack

Kurt Nagata-Wozniack

Kurt has developed far-reaching poliglocy, speaking excellent English, Spanish, Polish, German as well as some Italian and Japanese. He has been learning various languages from a very early age, and now wants to share his tricks for doing this efficiently.  Hearing him speak English it is nigh impossible to tell his ancestry, as his way of speaking often shifts depending on the conversation partner, varying from vaguely mid-Atlantic registers, through heavy Dublinese to Californian American. He has lived in St. Louis, Missouri, Edinburgh, Beijing, Vienna, Madrid and Carmarthen in Wales and is now based in Poland. He is a linguist, an artist and full-immersion theatre worker. He studied Arts in Warsaw and Beijing and got his Cambridge University English language teaching qualifications at 18.

Event type: Interactive talk
Facilitator: Kurt Nagata-Wozniack
Minimum age: 15+
Level: Pre-intermediate / Intermediate / Upper-intermediate
Time: 60 min., or 2 x 60 minutes in the extended version
* On-demand contents, level and timing can be tailored to groups’ needs.

In this session, we will look at what to do in order to not only learn English or any foreign language but bring it up to a native speaker’s level so as to fit in naturally with other speakers of English. What to do to lose the Polish accent or acquire the accent we want, how to build up vocabulary and most importantly how to develop daily routines that will introduce the target language into your life with a minimal time cost. The driving argument: it´s better to be smart than hard-working.

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